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Let Your Problems With Your Employees Become Our Problem

"The strategic significance of people is a vital source of competitive advantage..."

HRWS initially started during 2000 with the focus on effectively managing the labour force.

Our business activities expanded into small, medium and advanced businesses.

Today our client base stretches across SA.

We empower our clients with the expertise and knowledge to optimize their strategic HR capabilities and to provide synergies to their problems.
We build partnerships with our clients to maximize the potential of their people.

While HRWS effectively manage all HR & IR matters with full legal responsibility, our clients concentrate on their core business.


Facilitating and managing all aspects of labour management with regard to labour relations,
industrial relations and the management of payroll systems.


⬇ Assessment of Client Needs
⧠ Outsourcing
⧠ Contract & Project Staffing
⧠ Integrated HR & IR Services
⧠ Total Payroll System Management
⧠ Response Handling
⧠ Employee Benefits
⧠ Employment Equity Management
⧠ Skills Development Management


⧠ HRWS takes over the client's employees
⧠ HRWS takes over the client's legal responsibility and obligations
⧠ HRWS takes over both: the client's employees, legal responsibility and obligations.


⧠ Dynamic company with top legal expertise and knowledge
⧠ All HR & IR matters handled by HRWS
⧠ Payroll & Administration handled by HRWS
⧠ HRWS takes over legal responsibility and obligations
⧠ HRWS handles union, CCMA and labour court negotiations
⧠ HRWS offers flexible service options
⧠ Qualified team share years of experience specializing in HR & IR
⧠ Continuous alignment with legislation & best practices

Optimize the potential of your core business and allow the HRWS team to empower your organisation with flexible, innovative HR & IR solutions - because the managing, development and administration of people and all related issues is the core passion of HRWS.

Let Your Problems With Your Employees Become Our Problem

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