Go Green and make use of this environmentally friendly product from GMC
GMC Aircon Portable Air Conditioning Systems

GMC Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioning (A/C) systems, such as the GMCP10 Aircon, are cooling units that can be used practically anywhere a plug exists. Oftentimes, they are the perfect solution for homes or rooms in which a window unit installation is not possible. They are also useful for under-performing central air conditioning systems that are not cooling well enough. For folks with allergies or breathing difficulty, these systems have air purification capability. They are energy efficient and use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

  1. One of the great features of portable A/C systems is the remote control. You can adjust the operation mode or temperature setting without getting out of your chair or bed.
  2. These units are much quieter than the typical window unit is.
  3. Easy removal of washable filter
  4. Easily affordable.
  5. They are environmentally friendly and use the new R410a Gas.