TR3 Surface Mounted Toilet Roll Dispensers – Three Toilet Rolls

These particular models, with the ability to hold three toilet rolls, are particularly suited to areas with moderate traffic.

Surface Mounted Toilet roll dispensersFeatures & Specifications:
0,9mm stainless steel 430 satin finish body, fully sealed. (0030).
1mm white epoxy coated mild steel body, fully sealed. (0040).
It is mounted to the wall by means of 3 screws with their corresponding 5mm wall plugs.
It includes a lock system with standard key that allows opening the lid for replenishment.
Frontal sight-holes indicate refill time.
There is no need to open the lid for the removal of empty rolls.
Capacity: 3 Toilet Rolls

Product Code:
Stainless Steel: HP-TH-0030
White Epoxy Coated: HP-TH-0040

Dimensions (mm):
width: 120
height: 380
depth: 130

1,9 kg