Every year LifeLine holds a Dedication Service where the “new” Lay Counsellors take their pledge of confidentiality and service to LifeLine. The event was held at Lord’s Signature Hotel and we decided to combine it with our year end breakfast function. A breakfast was provided and a wonderful Happy Christmas cake provided by Paul from Golden Bakery at Taxido Junction, who provides one very year!

Lay Counsellors are community members who are fully trained by LifeLine. They attend a 10 day Personal Growth Course, followed by a 6 day Basic Counselling Skills Course. After completing these courses, which are highly recommended and recognized, they are asked if they would like to become Lay Counsellors with LifeLine. They undergo a selection process and, if successful, will be accepted as probationers and commence their year-long training period.
During this period, they receive additional training on subjects such as Relationships, Bereavement, Substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Trauma, Relationships, Sexual violence and abuse and others. They participate in the actual counselling and receive mentoring.

Regular supervision meetings are held with additional training, mostly from outside sources, on various topics which impact the counselling or counsellors. Debriefing is provided as and when required but is always available.

At the end of this year-long period the lay Counsellors are able to take the pledge at the Dedication Service and receive their certificates as qualified Lay Counsellors with LifeLine.

It is quite moving ceremony and the other, more experienced Lay Counsellors are encouraged to re-pledge their services to LifeLine. There is a candle lighting at the same time as part of the ceremony.

This year 8 new Lay Counsellors were dedicated. Three Lay Counsellors and staff members, who are all lay Counsellors, received long service awards. They were all for 5 years service.