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Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle

Trauma, rape, crisis councelling, Vereeniging | Community, emotional wellness, Vaal Triangle

Lifeline Vaal Triangle
We create emotional wellness...

24 hour Crisis Line:
016 428 1640
Lifeline Vaal Triangle

Lifeline Vaal Triangle, is a people orientated organisation focused on building the well-being of the community and the individual. 


Our Duncanville Centre remains closed for now. Our Wellness Centres (Sharpeville, Sebokeng and Palm Springs) are now open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09:00 and 15:00. Telephonic Counselling services are still available 24/7 on 016 428 1640. Calls will be billed to LifeLine Vaal.  

The Shelter will still receive clients, if necessary, until further notice. The Housemother and Social Worker are on standby.

Bookings for LifeLine Vaal Personal Growth Course are now Open

 Personal Growth Pamflet


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Lifeline Vaal has strived to create emotional wellness, and build the community heart for the distressed, and counter the social illness of the community in the area since 1984. Promoting Personal wellness and resilience and peer education, as well as experiential journeys to discover self and develop wellness.

LifeLine Vaal Triangle is a Non Profit Organisation offering confidential, 24 hour telephone counselling to the community of the Vaal.

Services include:

  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Building the community
  • LifeLine Shelter for Abused Women
  • Thuthuzela Care Center Vereeniging and Sasolburg ( One-stop-medico-legal rape crisis center ) 

We have credibility in the training of counsellors and counselling ! 


If you need to talk to someone safely and anonymously you can an email to


Find out more about symptoms, prevention, treatment and more by clicking above

It’s time for introspection! Some food for thought by, the director of LifeLine Vaal, Colleen Rogers:

Time for introspection! That is what this lockdown has brought to us – maybe this was meant to be! They say “all things happen for good reasons” and perhaps this was the time!

Life will never be the same again – and it should not! We have had plenty of time on our hands – alone time – to make good use of it. We are always saying we don’t have time – bit this is something you cannot say now, unless you have not been doing your bit for Covid-19!!!

This time we have had, I think, has brought out many hidden talents! How many people have been baking, cooking, sewing, gardening, decorating, doing home-schooling, DIY and plenty more!!! Things, I am sure, you did not know you could do – just shows what necessity or boredom can do for you!

What habits have you given up? Smoking, drinking, watching TV at every spare moment, couch potato-ing, putting off for tomorrow what you could have done today? Lessons should and could have been learned during this time … Read More

Building emotional wellness

for Individuals and Communities

Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle

Building Community Heart !!!

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