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Storing Website or Feature Listing Images Online

The standard ShowMe website templates provide a number of positions for placing images. These images are editable in your back office. If you want to place images outside of these positions, you will need to follow this procedure:

There are times you will want to add images to your website or feature listing either in your articles or somewhere on one of your templates outside of the pre-determined positions. To do this you will go to the spot where you want to add the image and click on the add image icon.

Add Picture Icon

When you click on it, you will be asked for an image URL. In order to get a URL for the image, you will need to upload your image to the internet first.

You are welcome to use any company that will host your images and provide you with the associated URL to paste into your ShowMe listing or website but please read the terms very carefully to ensure that the company will not delete your images after a set period.  If they do, they will not necessarily inform you and consequently the image will disappear from your ShowMe listing or website.

We have found a company that seems to have a good offer and is very easy to use. It is

How it works

1.  Register

2.  After registration you will be able to add different photo galleries.  A good tip is to separate the images for use on your website from images you want to arrange for use in yoru articles.

3. offers a number of affordable subscription options.  Please review them carefully.  You can stay with the free option, BUT if any of your images are not viewed during a period of 6 months, they will be deleted and lost.  

It would make sense to go for the paid version as it is very cheap and you never have to worry about your images being deleted.

Postimage options

4.  First you can create a new gallery. Put the name of the gallery in the left box, and then click on Create a New Gallery.

Create a Gallery

By clicking on the No Name of the Gallery, you can rename it.

Named Galleries

5.  Decide which gallery you want to use and upload the image to that gallery. Follow these instructions to upload the image. Remember, images cannot be larger than 600 pixels or they will be too wide for the page.

Upload Images

Once the image has been uploaded, you will get the message that the upload is completed. Directly below this message is the URL information which you will paste into your ShowMe website or listing.  Further instructions are below.

Upload Completed

URL information as seen in this image.

URL information

Use the direct link URL as shown and copy it to your clipboard. Do not close this page until you are sure you have uploaded the picture to your website or feature listing as you may need the URL again. 

Now you go to your ShowMe website or feature listing and position your cursor in the position where you want to add the image.

Add picture to website

Now click on the image icon as shown and paste the direct link URL into the URL field. Give your image a description that is good for Search Engine Optimisation i.e. Tell the search engines exactly what the image is about in the image description field.

Image Details

You can change the size of the image here but you have no control over where the image is cropped, so it is much better to upload the image in the size you require and not to crop it here. It is good to add some space around the image – usually 2 pixels are enough. You can also put a border around the image but it is black only. Do not make it bigger than 1 or 2 pixels.