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Vakoma Home For Frail Older Persons

Vakoma Home For Frail Older Persons

In God We Trust

Frail care & Old age care are rare but very essential

We are a non profit organisation that was founded in 2008 by community members of Chiawelo under the auspices of Age-In-Action Chief Social Worker.

The home was officially opened in heed of the plight of older persons who were found homeless, raped or abused.


The outreach programme was set in progress from October 2009. Research was started in Chiawelo extension 2, Soweto. Home visits were conducted from the Organization into the community.

Two members of the organization conducted a house to house survey, and it was established that 36 families that were visited, were living in abject poverty. In some cases old age grants were used to support their unemployed children and their grand children. And in some, grandparents headed families, because their children died from HIV/AIDS. Schools were also targeted to establish the number of orphans who were in need of material assistance.

We started providing assistance from March 2010.

There are 15 beds already and we provide care of high standard as indicated by the families and health-care providers of these old persons.
We still require a further 5 beds in order to ensure that at-least 20 residents are housed.

In God We Trust

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