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Knit A Square

Knitting For Charity

Welcome to KasCare’s knitting for charity project, knit-a-square.

The knit-a-square project was started as a family project in 2008 and although we are now a registered charity under the name of KasCare, our family are still 100 percent involved. Let me introduce us.

The McDonalds, Sandy, Roger, Kalai, Cressida and Zanny, are all in Australia.
Ronda Lowrie, Sandy’s aunt and Zanny’s sister, and Erin, live in South Africa.

Ronda visited The McDonald’s in 2008. She told them of the scale of the disaster facing so many children in South Africa whose lives are greatly compromised by the twin perils of HIV/AIDS and poverty. She explained she often gave out blankets to children as she drove around Johannesburg, and of her frustration—too many children, too few blankets.

Many of these children are AIDS orphans or have been abandoned. Many live in great poverty in shack settlements. Some head up families of their siblings together with other children. Some live alone, without shelter, in hills and dumps around the cities.

We invite you to join our warm and friendly KAS community. Together we work hard to help warm and comfort these children and we would greatly value your contribution to this knitting project for the AIDS orphans of Southern Africa.

We knit squares and receive hundreds of squares from across the globe. Every square that is sent to us is used in a blanket to keep an orphan or abandoned child warm. You too can contribute.

Let Every Day Be a Mandela Day
Knit A Square
Knit A Square
Knit A Square

Knitting For Charity

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