COURSE TITLE: Safety, Health and Environmental Managers


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Qualifying learners can monitor the application of safety, health and environmental protection system. They are able to monitor adherence, promote and maintain preventative measures, coach their work team and evaluate and suggest changes to the system.


  1. Monitor adherence to safe and environmentally friendly work practices by work team;

  2. Coach work team in their statutory rights and responsibilities and in safety indicators;

  3. Promote and maintain preventative measures in area of responsibility;

  4. Evaluate and suggest changes to the system;

  5. Compile reports on safety, health and environmental issues;

  6. Preventative actions;

  7. Implications of failing to maintain preventative measures;

  8. Applicable safety, health and environmental legislation and regulations;

  9. Relationship of continuous monitoring activities to the prevention of accidents and hazards.