COURSE TITLE: Health, Safety and Environmental Representative


SHORT DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this course is to be able to apply health, safety and environmental protection procedures in the workplace. The learner will be able to perform safety inspections and identify and report on unsafe conditions.


  1. Understanding of statutory rights, responsibilities and liability regarding safety;

  2. Perform safety and environmental inspections in the work area;

  3. Investigate safety, health and environmental protection issues in the workplace;

  4. Consult with employees;

  5. Unsafe conditions are identified and appropriate corrective action taken;

  6. Reports on safety, health and environmental conditions in work area;

  7. Safety, health and environmental objectives, standards and regulations

  8. Relationship between applying safety, health and environmental protection procedures and a safe and productive work area.

  9. Coach employees with regard to safety, health and environmental issues;

  10. Complete the required documentation.