COURSE TITLE: HIV Aids, TB and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses and their impact on the workplace.


SHORT DESCRIPTION: The learners will have a broad knowledge of HIV/Aids, TB and sexually transmitted illnesses, in respect of transmission routes, methods of prevention, treatment, support and impact on the workplace.


  1. Names of sexually transmitted illnesses;

  2. Treatment centres and sources of respect of support;

  3. Adhering to the prescribed treatment regime;

  4. Purpose of support services;

  5. Purpose of peer educators;

  6. Taking responsibility for own health;

  7. Confidentiality;

  8. Testing of illnesses;

  9. Symptoms and phases in the development of Aids;

  10. Practices which reduce or prevent risk of infection;

  11. Rights of people with HIV/Aids, TB and/or STI's;

  12. Attitudes towards HIV/Aids, TB and STI's in the workplace;

  13. Causes and effect, implications of:

    • Not taking preventative measures

    • Not following required treatment procedures (e.g. TB)

    • Negative attitudes;

    • Impact of the workplace;

    • Impact on earnings, medical aid claims, provident fund, etc.

  14. Maintenance of health;

  15. Applicable workplace agreements or policies;

  16. Awareness vs. Reduced incidence of these illnesses.