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What is the GED®?

The GED® is a high school Grade 12 equivalency certificate. The GED® test was developed for this purpose, similar to an adult matric. It has subsequently been written by more than 17 million students in the USA and around the world, including South Africa!


All fifty states in the United States officially offer the GED® tests and they are written in more than 3000 testing centres worldwide and 37 in South Africa.



The GED test consists of four subjects:


  1. Mathematical reasoning – all maths
  2. Reasoning Through the Arts of Language Arts – language, reading and writing
  3. Social Studies – cultural studies, history, geography and economics
  4. Science – life science, chemistry, physics


Is GED SAT’s a high school curriculum?


The GED is not a curriculum. It is a high school equivalency test – a year program. Unlike traditional school exams, it does not test knowledge of content, but rather tests skills, such as reading and critical thinking and maths.


GED Senior


What they do: camp, charity, school project, visiting colleges, matric dance


So when they end the year they will have a matric, different computer programs i.e. Word, Excel etc., budget and entrepreneurship. As well as a certificate from SA college of etiquette certificate to mention but a few and then they end the year with a matric vacation.


Accepted by most colleges – we always need to check with the acceptance committee.

Scoring SA to pass 145 – 72.5% pass rate

Overseas college: 165 University: 175


Candidates with special needs may apply for accommodations on the test provided the requirements they set are met. This is conditional to GED themselves. We do not have any control over this process.


Costs are incurred with exams and obtaining the relevant documentation once done – see matric pack.


A SAT (Standard American Test) is always encouraged for further studies for overseas options. Most of these institutes – colleges – need you to do an aptitude or entrance exam.