South African School Terms and Public Holidays 2018

South Africa has two different school calendars – for the government schools which breaks the year into four terms, and for the private schools which breaks the year into three or four terms. The vast majority attend government schools, so traffic at holiday destinations is busiest when they are on holiday. All schools are on holiday during Christmas and New Year which is the longest holiday break, being summer. For visitors wishing to visit South Africa in summer, and who want to miss the holiday rush, November or January, from the school opening date onwards is perfect.

Government Schools
2018 School Terms:

All nine provinces have the same school calendar for 2018.


Dates and days in brackets ( ) are applicable to educators.

Source: South African Government Website

Private School Terms 2018

Please note: There are no universal term dates or calendars that apply to all independent schools in South Africa. Many independent schools follow the public school calendar, while others follow the calendar of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA). Some independent schools follow their own specific calendars.

The calendar committee of the ISASA Central Region (Gauteng, Free State, North West and Northern Cape) publishes a Central Region Calendar as a guideline for member schools in the region. ISASA member schools in Central Region are not required to follow this calendar, although most do.

Dates may vary slightly in different provinces and for different schools. Check with your school.

Source – Isasa


Public and School Holidays 2018


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