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Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre

"Where deaf children SPEAK"

Welcome to Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre.

Previously known as The Carel Du Toit Centre, The Whispers Centre was established to offer rehabilitation services to deaf children in May 1996.

The centre brings hope to deaf children who after identification of their hearing disability enter the Auditory Oral Program and learn to talk. Speech and language development is a continuous process. We do not use any sign language, we teach deaf children to speak. They can eventually enter mainstream education and go to school along with their peer.

Our mission

  • To teach children identified with a hearing loss by the Auditory-Oral method to speak and prepare them for placement in mainstream schools.
  • Mission Statement The mission statement of the Carel du Toit Centre/Trust—Pretoria is straight forward and easy to understand for parents who feel discouraged by the discovery of their child’s deafness.
  • We believe, and know, that children with a hearing loss have the same capacity as children with normal hearing, to learn to speak.
  • We believe that children with a hearing loss must be exposed to day-long listening through the use of appropriate hearing-aids or a Cochlear Implant.
  • A hearing environment is created at our Centre, the same as for normal hearing children, where the child with a hearing loss will learn to speak by learning to listen in a natural environment.
  • Listening experiences and natural interaction create an intensive speech-development environment, which leads the child to linguistic competence. This process continues throughout the school years, laying a solid foundation for life.
  • Parents are given the skills to make this a meaningful experience in their homes. 


Services we provide at Whispers Centre include:

  1. Early Childhood Development (ECD) Education Program
  2. Parent Guidance (PG)
  3. Community Hearing Screening (CHOP)
  4. Student Training
  5. We also offer a free Community Hearing Screening Service
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre
Whispers Speech & Hearing Centre

The program that changes a deaf child's world!

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