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Amadea Safe House

A Home for Healing the Hurt

Amadea Safe House
Amadea provides a loving and safe haven for abandoned, abused, neglected and disabled children ...

Rina Malan, the owner of her own crèche, did place of safety on a part time for many years when she realized that in order to make a significant difference, she had to do this full time. She then started Amadea Safe House, meaning “Loving Child of God”.

Today it stands proud – and true to its aim of providing a safe and loving Christian environment in which children can develop into well-balanced adults.

The focus of service delivery is children in need. Amadea Safe House looks after abandoned, neglected, abused (sexually, emotionally and physically), disabled and HIV / AIDS affected/infected children who are placed in the care of the Rina’s by the Juvenile Court’s until their cases has been finalized. 

In many cases the children stay longer, even after the finalization of their cases, due to a shortage of space in orphanages. With limited capacity in orphanages, there is a continued increase in the demand for more space at Amadea.

Rina believes that children need to be nurtured to build their creative, intellectual and physical growth. 

Amadea Safe House work closely together with all the social welfare organizations and SAPD in Pretoria and surrounding areas.


Where Love Changes Everything

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