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Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency

Renew • Revive • Inspire

who we are

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), established in 2003 by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM), with support of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The agency is a special purpose development company which has become the driving force behind urban regeneration in Nelson Mandela Bay. The MBDA operates under a Mandate in terms of its articles of association and service delivery agreement with the NMBM. While the MBDA falls under the local authority, it operates as a separate entity but works closely with the relevant Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal Directorates.


The establishment of world-class, well-managed, sustainable and vibrant urban places in Nelson Mandela Bay.


To revitalise and promote designated, sustainable urban places, in partnership with the NMBM, to the benefit of the whole community.


  • Socio-economic development: We must be an agent of positive social and economic change.
  • Inclusivity: We strive to understand and meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders.
  • Value for money: We aim to deliver value on public expenditure and real returns for our stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We act with openness, transparency and respect.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our decisions and use of our resources.
  • Collaboration: We work as a team and build partnerships as part of a wider team serving the city.
  • Excellence: We continually seek ways to raise our standards.
  • Innovation: We are open to new ideas and welcome our ideas being challenged.
  • Sustainability: Everything we do makes optimal use of resources and has a lasting, positive impact.


Strategic Objectives

To realise the vision, the regional economic strategy focuses on eight strategic objectives which address urban renewal in the mandate area:

  • Public participation: Engaging effectively with stakeholders and partners in order to foster understanding, buy-in and shared delivery of urban renewal.
  • Key services: Promoting, facilitating and managing the basics of security, cleansing and regulatory compliance to strengthen public and investor confidence.
  • Turnaround potential: Implementing catalytic capital projects in designated urban places as a stimulus for private sector investment.
  • Promotion of heritage, arts and culture as an economic growth tool: Promoting opportunities for heritage conservation and management, while simultaneously creating markets for the city’s cultural industry to forge a unique identity for the place and its people.
  • Promotion of products: Marketing the area as a first choice destination to live, work and play.
  • Corporate values: Being an effective, accountable, learning, creative and caring organisation, respected by staff and stakeholders.
  • Balance: Managing the area for environmental sustainability.
  • Growth: Facilitating social and economic opportunities in all projects and activities in order to contribute to economic inclusion and growth.



Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Mandela Bay Development Agency

Renew • Revive • Inspire

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