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Shaping the youth for the future

Giving learners the tools they need to make school easier and to change study time into fun time!

XpertMinds gives your child the BOOST they need to help them work smarter, not harder.

We offer Study Skills Assessments and a range of Study Skills Courses as well as Remedial Assessments and Home School options. The Study Skills Courses are offered for different age groups from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

We have opened a Homework Centre as well and are available to do talks at schools.

Help your child to:
• Stay organised
• Learn more efficiently
• Manage homework better
• Take excellent, memorable notes
• Read faster, with better comprehension
• Improve their grades

Remedial Sessions
Stepping in and providing additional support!

• Ensure that your child does not fall behind.
• Remedial lessons ensure that your child's foundations are solid.
• Enable your child to learn without even realising it.
• Focusing on spelling, reading, writing and more!

Design your own Study Skills Course
Shape your youngster's future now!

• Choose from up to a maximum of three individual courses.
• Manuals will be provided.
• Holiday Courses available to individuals or as a group.

Round up some friends and book a course!

XpertMinds offers Holiday Study Skills Courses to give your child the skills BOOST they need to excel in their end of year exams! R100 per hour (10 hours in total, manual included)

Benefits of Study Skills

In today’s fast paced life many parents find it difficult to give their children the support they need to learn how to study effectively and many are unable to, as the standard of work has evolved. Most learners don’t need long term tutoring; they need to be taught the skills to complete school successfully.

XpertMinds gives your child the BOOST they need to help them work smarter, not harder by giving learners the tools they need to make school easier and to change study time into fun time!
Thus the purpose of these Study Skills Courses is to help learners to help themselves and to assist or guide them to becoming independent, successful individuals.

Reasons your child might need a Study Skills Course:
• Recommended by teacher
• Grades are dropping or not what they should be
• Homework seems increasingly difficult
• All afternoon spent on homework but nothing seems to get done
• Loss of interest in learning, procrastination
• Self-esteem is dropping
• Resistance to do school work or to study
• Not knowing what is for homework or when it is due
• Leaving tasks till the last minute
• A messy backpack
• Constantly losing or misplacing things

The benefits your child will experience:
• Effective listening, writing and reading
• Left and right brain development
• Memorising and recall
• Summaries, mind maps, identifying of key words
• Problem solving
• Exam and test taking techniques and reduced exam stress
• Better use of study time while having fun
• Improved confidence, positive attitude and self esteem
• Better concentration
• Time management, planning and goal setting
• Motivation to succeed
• Improved grades
• Personal attention

If any of these reasons sound familiar or if you would like your child to experience the above benefits, call XpertMinds today to enroll your child in one of our courses.

Shaping the youth for the future

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