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EastCoast Handyman

EastCoast Handyman


EastCoast Handyman
EastCoast Handyman
EastCoast Handyman
EastCoast Handyman
EastCoast Handyman
No job is too small, all it takes is one call...

Welcome to East Coast Handyman

Everyone has a few niggling maintenance issues, and we’ve all been meaning to fix them… soon…

Whether it’s a tap that drips, a few pictures or a mirror to hang, a light fitting that needs changing or maybe replacing that mouldy grouting for once and for all - each home has its ongoing challenges

But time is precious, DIY is tough, weekends are for family & friends and you’ve never been able to find a reliable handyman. For one reason or another, these jobs never get done.

That’s where I come in!

Established in 2009, I like nothing better than to work with my hands and create new things every day.

I pride myself in providing my clients with good workmanship and competitive pricing, and look forward to giving you excellent service & outstanding results every time!


Here is a general list of what I and my team do, but feel free to contact me with any queries or special requirements:

Bathrooms: We specialise in bathroom renovations and even just the odd tap change or washer replacement.
Carpentry: All types of carpentry from new cupboards to changing cupboards to replacing hinges or edging.
Doors: I hang doors, change hinges, locks and handles plus build in new doors and frames. Wood or Aluminium
Electrical: Minor electrical work from changing a light bulb to fitting a plug and changing light and plug fittings to fitting extractor fans.
Tiling: Tiling on all surfaces and different tile types at very competitive prices.
Kitchens: Kitchen renovations and cupboards, oven and hobbs and extractor fans.
Painting: Professional painting of walls, boundary walls, roofs and complexes.
Windows: Aluminium and wooden windows from sanding and varnishing to putty replacing and hinge setting.
High Pressure Cleaning
Additions / Alterations / Renovations
Custom Woodwork & Furniture
General Maintenance

Click here to view some of our unique woodwork creations

Contact me for a FREE quote & let me make your ideas a reality!


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