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Benn Koppen Craft Beer
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Benn Koppen Craft Beer


Benn Koppen Craft Beer
Benn Koppen Craft Beer
Benn Koppen Craft Beer
Benn Koppen Craft Beer
Benn Koppen Craft Beer
We are the first Growler Filling Station in Southern Africa.

Put simply... this is fresh craft beer to-go!

Benn Koppen Growler Filling Station has different flavours of craft beer on tap which are used to fill 1litre (or 2 litre) ‘growlers’. These are gorgeous, thick glass bottles with kiln-roasted branding on the outside.


Because of the filling process, the beer will last for a month in the fridge, unopened.

But here’s the best part – once the beer inside has been consumed, the bottle can be returned to the Filling Station for a refill at a fraction of the cost!

Consumers can refill with the flavour of their choice, allowing them variation each time.
Tasters are served so you can be sure to like what you’re taking home.

How the concept works for your pocket!

A full 1 litre Growler of Benn Koppen Cape Frontier Lager will cost R130. To refill the bottle costs only R50/litre. Multiply by two for the 2 litre bottles.

These same flavours are offered on tap, so people are welcome to come in and drink draught beer in a glass.

We supply restaurants and pubs around town (including St Francis, Uitenhage, Port Alfred and Grahamstown) so you might come across our brands on your travels …


Delicious and refreshing - we now have Pure Craft's da Rocca Pink Gin & Tonic available on tap!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why does the beer stay fresh?
A: The equipment used to fill the bottles is linked to CO2 gas which expels the oxygen.

Q: Can I reseal the bottle?
A: You can, but you will lose carbonation. Like any beer, once exposed to oxygen, it will start to go ‘flat’. It’s best to finish the bottle in that session.

Q: What Flavours are available?
A: At the moment we have 4 flavours; these will change from time to time. The four flavours for now are Cape Frontier Lager, Benn’s Blonde Ale, Krystall Weiss and Tyson Porter – giving a variety of bitterness and alcohol content.

Find out more.

What is a Growler?

How do we fill Growlers?

The perfect gift!

Available for Functions & Events!

Tasting notes (for the 4 flavours)


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