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Good News Lab

social media • communication • public relations • media training

Good News Lab
Good News Lab
Good News Lab
Good News Lab
Good News Lab
A range of uniquely tailored strategies aimed at enhancing your company image & relaying information

Good News Lab tells our clients’ good news across a variety of media platforms throughout Southern Africa – new school and old school media. The Good News Lab team have more than a decade of newsroom, PR and advertising experience, making us the perfect fit to tell your company’s stories – either on social media platforms, through traditional media channels, or both!

Traditional Media

With the rise of social media, the role of the traditional media as a trusted source of vetted information has never been more important. Given our extensive media experience, as well as our regional and national media contacts, our clients enjoy the benefit of their stories being told across a host of news platforms. These include television, national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio and online news.

Social Media

With more than 26 million internet users in South Africa, a strong social media presence has become imperative for most businesses. Studies suggest that social media tops the list for what occupies mobile phone users’ time most. Of all the social platforms available in South Africa, users spend most of their time on Whatsapp, then Facebook, followed by Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our team works with clients to craft the perfect social media content. We go on to interact with followers on those platforms, building brand loyalty among them and growing each account to a critical mass.

Media Training

While we implement forward-looking, well-researched strategies for each of our clients, we also offer strategic in-house training for companies – turning employees into media-savvy brand ambassadors.

Businesses big and small need training in media communications and PR – be it training senior managers to deal with the news media and handle sensitive issues publicly, or guiding staff in effective social media management to boost your business online.

Our tailor-made workshops also explore topics such as social media etiquette, identifying success stories, crisis communications and damage control.

Good News or Bad News

Visit our Good News Daily website TODAY!

Good News Daily tells the positive South African stories that are happening all around us every day. This online publication cuts out the negative clutter in the traditional media space and provides a platform to tell good news every day.

We welcome media releases on a wide range of subjects from community initiatives to exciting developments in the fields of science and technology.

Send your 'Good News' to

While Good News Lab specialises in spreading your good news, we are also ready to assist when it comes to the bad.

We understand that, as much as you try to avert crises in your daily operations, there comes a time when events are out of your control and you need to deal with a situation head on. Exactly how you handle that crisis in front of the media and the broader public could make or break your company.

Good News Lab is there to help you break the news – in both good times and bad.

social media • communication • public relations • media training

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