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The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project
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The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project


Our mission is to foresee that everybody in the community has access to the CARE, LOVE and ASSISTANCE they need.

The abuse, neglect and exploitation of Families and Children are our main priority and to foresee that our source of trauma that impinges on families and children as enshrined in South Africa.


The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project for Children and Families was established in 2004 by Mr Shaun Terblanche and was registered as a NPO in 2016. This initiative provides services to the community, by assisting Families and Children with daily requirements. The project is used to develop the community and to gain assistance and support from various organisations in the Greater Plettenberg Bay.

The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project is a successful and educational method implemented for the community. The PCOP project was initially set up to provide for families and children in basic life circumstances that they have to undergo. We provide these services gradually and they include daily meals, school material assistance and household assistance.


Whilst we continue to provide, we have the following aspects that we are looking at:

After hours at the Feeding Project, the hiring of temporary community volunteers and if necessary getting volunteers from other organisations. We have to ensure responsibility when providing for these families and children.

We are unique in this service – offering and forfilling a very valuable role in Plettenberg Bay. The services that we are rendering allow us to sleep more peacefully at night, knowing that every families and child has been fed by the organisation. This service operates within the Pine Trees community and aims to extend to Marikana, which is located at the far end of Pine Trees. This has resulted in our partner’s taking responsibility for the families and children the next day, so that we are able to return to our original mandate of providing to these families and children with our daily services.

We value our loyal partners that have enabled us to provide these services over the years, We see you as part of our extended community without whom we could not operate.

We invite you to visit the Pine Trees Project, as you have assisted so generously, and join us in being exceptionally proud of their achievements, despite their experience.

The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project The Pine Trees Community Outreach Project

We believe that working collectively promotes a cultural system for Families and Children affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse, neglect and abandonment.


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Our Objectives:

  • That every family and child deserves to be loved and to receive the best care possible
  • To operate within the best interest of the child
  • To provide child-centered services that recognise the rights of children and preserve the family unit where possible
  • To deliver efficient, effective, specialised, culturally, sensitive, accessible and supportive services.
  • To respect each child and our partners that support us in this initiative.
  • To ensure children’s voices are heard.
  • To celebrate our diversity.
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Confidential and privacy for each child and family Household within the limitations of the Child Protection System
  • To encourage indigenous SA parenting skills and techniques and to honour the role of the elders in providing knowledge of our traditions for young parents and children.

Our Sponsors

  • Checkers Plettenberg Bay – Trolley with food goods
  • Wheat Trust – Funded since 2014
  • St Thomas Methodist Church – Monthly donation of Epap
  • Community members of Plettenberg Bay
  • Kim Hough Griz Nezz – Monthly donation
  • Plett Tourism Office
  • ShowMe Plett
  • SANTA Shoebox
  • Michael Reiter – Germany
  • The Raschendorfer Families – Germany
  • Dennis Nollau – Germany
  • Kerstin Mandel and Philip Pauleit – Germany
  • Anneliese and Sigrun Raschendorfer – Germany
  • Heike Mann and family – Germany
  • Birgit and Gerd Muller – Germany

A big thank you to all our sponsors & donors!

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