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MASIZAKHE - Building Kurland Together

Masizakhe is run by members of the community themselves...

Who Are We…?

Masizakhe was born in 2005, after Graham Black from Kurlandbrik did an employee assistance programme. He’d asked a Social Worker to interview all his staff, to try to determine how they could improve their lives – the biggest single answer was that their living conditions in Kurland Village (“the village”) would need to be improved.

A group of employees then chose to start Masizakhe, a project which is run by members of the community themselves.

They identify what they perceive their needs to be in their area. They explore ways to address these needs in a sustainable way.

Over a period of a year we held community meetings. Here, the issues in the village were discussed and these included:

Events and Fundraisers

Masizakhe Annual Golf Day

Played at the lovely Goose Valley Golf Course, this is an important annual fundraiser and a day of good golfing fun with great prizes! We play a 4 ball alliance with the top 2 scores counting. Anyone interested in sponsoring a hole or entering a 4 ball can contact us.

We help identify the needs, and then provide the means to help the community meet them


2006: Karen de Wet, a registered Social Worker, conducted a research survey amongst school-going children of the village to determine the extent of drug and alcohol use.

2008: Masizakhe carried out a survey amongst the Crags primary School children to determine their extra mural interests and current activities in order to direct projects to line up with these.

2009: Masizakhe conducted extensive research into drug and alcohol use, sexual activity, awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and FAS. The study also considered career goals, life ambitions and factors that would prevent our youth reaching their goals. This was instrumental in Masizakhe’s planning for future projects.

• the severe alcohol problem and associated illegal taverns;
• lack of recreational and other facilities;
• lack of communication tools, etc.

Our goal remains this:

To utilise available resources to ensure the continued success of projects rather than have projects end when funding dries up.

It also teaches people to rely on themselves and think creatively of ways to sustain themselves and not always look for handouts or assistance – thereby empowering the community in the long term.


MASIZAKHE - Building Kurland Together

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