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The Green Ticket

Carbon Offsetting the Responsible Way

The Green Ticket – Carbon Offsetting the Responsible Way

Climate change and all things green are of ever increasing importance locally and globally. Our modern lifestyles cause us to emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is part of the cause of climate change. This problem is exacerbated by the destruction and removal of forests in the world and in fact is responsible for more than 20% of the excess Carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Green Ticket aims to help mitigate climate change by planting trees. Forests, in fact. Trees breathe in CO2 and the Carbon ends up in their roots, trunks and branches. Our re-forestation programme is ideally situated on the Garden Route in the Western Cape, which is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. This is an evergreen afro-montane fynbos and forest region and is perfectly suited climatically to have authentication in carbon sequestration.

Our carbon calculator conforms to the standards set out by the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol and will help you to work out the amount of harmful emissions deployed into the atmosphere and the amount of trees you need to plant. We record and monitor all trees planted to ensure healthy growth and longevity. The continued preservation of existing forests is our seed bank and the savior for our future forests.

Carbon Offsetting the Responsible Way

Youth Development

The Green recognises the importance of getting the younger generations more involved in all things green and has developed environmental education projects with Ingwe Forest Adventures, an established outdoor educational venue offering wonderful opportunities for environmental projects, stimulating camps and workshops.

Skills Development

Human and conservation issues are intricately linked, and with that as a guiding principle, The Green is committed to providing skills development and responsible and sustainable job creation initiatives for local communities.

Get involved

We offer you a chance to offset your carbon footprint – whether for individuals, households or companies. Your contribution will pay for trees planted to offset your emissions from air travel, car journeys, household running costs to company offices etc.

The Green Ticket The Green Ticket The Green Ticket

Carbon Offsetting the Responsible Way

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