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Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy

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What is a conservancy?

A conservancy is established by a voluntary agreement between two or more landowners to manage the environment.  Conservation objectives are achieved by co-operation and commitment to the conservation of the environment on private property.  Conservancies began in the KwaZulu-Nation midlands and have enjoyed great success there.  Through co-operation between the farming community and conservation authorities this concept has grown into a national conservation movement.  It has spread to all the provinces with KwaZulu-Nation as the core where more than a million hectares are protected in conservancies.  Conservancies are not necessarily restricted to agricultural areas, as tey can also be established in urban and industrial areas.

Advantages of a conservancy?

The community share in the management of the environment.
Wildlife increases and natural resources are sustainably utilised.
The environment’s conservation status as well as its economic and aesthetic values improve.
Environmental awareness is promoted.
Quality of life and security are improved.

How is a conservancy formed?

The following steps should be followed:

* Call a meeting inviting all interested parties.  A representative from Cape Nature Conservation could facilitate the meeting. Spokespeople from established conservancies could give creditable information about the functioning of conservancies.

* Established by means of a vote whether the majority of person are in favour of the establishment of a conservancy.

* Elect a steering committee and a chairperson for the formation of the conservancy.

* The steering committee has the following tasksCall a meeting with all member and discuss the constitution, objective and management.

– Determine the maximum conservancy size

– Promote the idea amongst potential members

– Collect relevant information from each member

– Establish a constitution which includes clear objective

– Determine a suitable annual subscription

* A committee must be elected to proceed with project management, including fundraising, nature conservation, problem animal and invasive plant control, veld and fire management and eco-tourism.

* The Chairperson must notify Cape Nature Conservation about the establishment of the conservancy its extent and objective and forward a copy of the constitution.

* Conservancies are based on a voluntary agreement.  In the Western Cape, conservancies are registered with Cape Nature Conservation, who issues a certificate.

* A guinea fowl is the national emblem for conservancies. 

Cape Nature Conservation is willing to:

Facilitate meetings and give advice Motivate communities and landowners Provide administrative assistance and Train members and conservancy game guards.

Conservancies along the Garden Route:
Starting from left to right: George, Great Brak, Knysna, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay regions.

Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy
Redford Conservancy

Become a part of something wonderful

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