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Born in Africa

Together we can make a difference

Born in Africa
Born in Africa stimulates social and educational
development in children
Born in Africa

Born in Africa is a non-profit organisation, active in socio-economically disadvantaged areas around Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. 

Education is one of the fundamental rights of all children. Therefore, we are committed to the long term educational development of underprivileged children in South Africa. A solid education provides solutions for these children, equipping them to get out of hopeless situations- often dominated by poverty, abuse, and unemployment. Only when these children are given the opportunity to obtain a decent education, will they have any hope of entering the labor market.

Education is the key to coming one step closer to social and economic equality!

Our mission is to develop well rounded, independent, and successful young adults acting as role models in their communities by providing educational and social support to school going children and young adults from disadvantaged areas in the Bitou area, South Africa.

Target group: Children in our program range from the age of 6 years old to young adolescents, all living in disadvantaged areas of the Bitou district.

We help children choose a positive path in life, and support them to make this path a reality


Our Strategy

In order to achieve this mission, BIA has a threefold strategy…

1. Support a selected number of children and young adults in their academic curriculum through:

Providing bursaries and school apparatus including school clothing and stationary

• Providing educational mentorship and individual support through the organization of homework classes and additional reading classes

• Supporting a selected number of BIA matriculates in their Tertiary Education

• Providing career guidance/study method workshops

• Organizing internships for those young adults who want to acquire job skills

2. Support character building with the children in the social program through:

• Individual mentorship – including home visits)

• Organizing thematic small group sessions

• Providing info sessions for the parents and organizing parent meetings

• Medical assistance: Sight for Life and Dental Care

3. Give a selected number of children life skills support through:

• Organizing camps

• Organizing day outings

• Organizing swimming, public speaking, art and craft workshops and other classes

Born in Africa
Born in Africa
Born in Africa

Good education is the fundamental right of every child

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