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LM in Plett Restaurant
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LM in Plett Restaurant

A True Taste of Mozambique in Plettenberg Bay

LM in Plett Restaurant
LM in Plett Restaurant
LM in Plett Restaurant
LM in Plett Restaurant
LM in Plett Restaurant

❝In a magic corner of your mind, there is a place where the sun always shines and worldly cares melt as rapidly as ice-cream cones on hot sand...❞

...“LM in Plett” is the gateway to that happy land!!

Our aim is to satisfy you with outstanding service, mouth-watering Mozambican fare and a truly memorable LM experience. Our menu, as is Mozambican food, was created by combining the influences of Portuguese, Indian and African fare.

Allow us to welcome you to inebriate yourselves in our ambiance and adapt to our style of enjoying and sharing of traditional dishes! We cater for up to 50 people, for any occasion, so Contact Us on 044 533 1420 if you are planning a party, corporate event or even an informal wedding reception.

════════════════════ PETISCOS - STARTERS ════════════════════

Sopa de Pedra - Stone Soup
Stone soup is our soup of the day. Ask your waitron about the legend of the stone soup.

Çhourico - Portuguese Sausage
Çhourico is about as traditional as they come. This one is slightly spicy but not hot. Served grilled, as a snack, with mild cheese. Enjoy with wine.

Figados de Galinha - Chicken Livers
Break out the paõ and enjoy our saucy starter. Marinated and done in garlic, white wine & peri-peri.

Azas de Galinha - Chicken Wings
Sticky and slightly spicy.

Lulas Grilhadas - Grilled Calamari
Spicy tender strips, soaked in lemon and grilled in garlic butter. Delicioso!!!

Bife Trinchado - Steak Trinchado
Cubes of meat, marinated in white wine, garlic, peri-peri & olive oil. Hmmmmmmm, dip that paõ.

Trinchado de Galinha - Chicken Trinchado R 59.00
Cubes of chicken, marinated in white wine, garlic, peri-peri & olive oil. Remember the good times eating trinchado, dipping the paõ and drinking catembas.

════════════════ SALADA E VEGETAIS - SALAD & VEG ════════════════

Salada Portuguesa - Portuguese Salad
Simply crispy lettuce, onion & tomato, with a typical Portuguese dressing.

Vegetais do Dia – Vegetarian Meal
Typically, we do an oven-baked veggie bake or stir fry, with rice, chips and salad or with Chinese Noodles. Ask your waitron what the chefs can prepare with today’s freshly picked veggies.

Salada de Marisco - Seafood Salad
Calamari, mussels, prawns, and line fish over a Portuguese salad, dressed with our very own dressing.

════════════════════════ CARNE - MEAT ═══════════════════════

Costoletas de Porco - Spare Ribs
A rack of sticky, spicy ribs that can only be enjoyed with your fingers. Must be accompanied with lots of wine.

Beef Espetada
Traditionally bay leaf sticks are used over open coals. Ours comes pretty close. Dripping with garlic and butter. You can’t beat the flavours that come out of this one. (Med Recommended)

Bife a Portuguesa - Portuguese Steak
Steak, egg and chips. Comes with lots of garlic, peri-peri & white wine sauce for dipping.

Bife Trinchado - Steak Trinchado
Cubes of beef marinated in white wine, garlic, peri-peri & olive oil. Topped with Portuguese chips & served with paõ.

Bife e Camarão - Prawn & Steak
Popular both in Mozambique & right here in ZA. Our prawns are grilled with
lemon or peri-peri & our steak, in a Mozambican garlic sauce.

══════════════════════ GALINHA - CHICKEN ═════════════════════

Azas de Galinha - Chicken Wings
Sticky and slightly spicy, always a firm favourite.

Trinchado de Gallinha - Chicken Trinchado
Tender chicken breast, smothered in Luiz’ secret sauce.

Espetada de Galinha - Chicken Espetada
Boneless thighs char grilled over open coals. Dripping with peri-peri. Advise your waitron if you would prefer it served lemon & herb style.

Frango Assado - Porra-Peri Baby Chicken
HHHhhhmmmm! We all know and LOVE Porra-Peri Baby

Caril de Camarao e Galinha - Chicken & Prawn Curry
Although this is most popular in winter, in LM we would eat this curry in summer, winter, night or day. It goes great with catembe & paõ.

══════════════════════ MARISCO - SEAFOOD ═════════════════════

Prawns - Camarao
LM Prawns, as we remember them, remain the true fun loving, finger licking, sauce dipping, catembe drinking, friendly, joking, chatting and enjoying meal.
Our prawns are available in Medium or Large, and the prices range from per 6 prawns, to per kg prawns.

Grilled Hake - Hake Grilhado
Hake fillet, grilled and served with lotsa lemons.

Grilled Calamari - Lulas Grilhadas
Slightly spicy calamari strips soaked in lemon, grilled in butter.
Served the Portuguese way.

Today's Linefish - Piexe do Dia
Only fresh line fish is served. Please ask your waitron what Luiz caught today.

Hake & Calamari Combo
Grilled Hake & Calamari combo, served with rice, chips and salad.

Seafood Platter for 1
A combination consisting of grilled Hake, 6 x Medium Prawns, Calamari, Mussels, with rice, chips and salad
(Platter for 2 available on request)

Grilled Sole - Linguado Grilhado
Dressed Sole, grilled and served with a dollop of garlic & herb butter.
Please ask your waitron for available Sole sizes.

Additional Extras
Extra Portuguese rolls [b][/b]
Extra sauce [b][/b]
Extra portion of seasonal veggies [b][/b]
Portion of veggies to substitute a starch [b][/b]
Extra chips [b][/b]
Extra rice [b][/b]
Extra garnish salad [b][/b]


Porra Salad
Simply - Crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, covered in LM salad dressing.

Chicken Salad
Portuguese salad topped with spicy chicken strips.

Prego Salad
Portuguese salad topped with spicy steak strips.

Beef Burger
Here at LM we make our own burger patties. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

Chicken Prego
Just for fun, because I can.

You haven't lived until you have an LM Prego. Served on a saucy roll with chips.

Chicken Wings
Peri-Peri or Lemon & Herb. Flame grilled and served with chips.

Chicken Livers
Yep! It's as good as you remember.

Egg & Cheese Burger
OK! Now THIS is a real burger. Right up there with the best.

Fish & Chips
Hake fillet, lightly dusted with flour and spices, then grilled.

Steak Trinchado
Remember the good times at LM, eating trinchado and drinking catembas. Cubes of meat marinated in white wine, garlic, peri-peri and olive oil.

Chicken Trinchado
Cubes of chicken marinated in white wine, garlic, peri-peri and olive oil.
HHHHMMMMMM Dip that pao!

Grilled, spiced calamari strips, basted in lemon and grilled in butter. The best!

A ladies portion of steak, topped with an egg.

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A True Taste of Mozambique in Plettenberg Bay

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