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Physiotherapy Practice

Physiotherapy Practice

"The Difference is in Our Hands..."

Physiotherapy Practice
Physiotherapy Practice
Physiotherapy Practice
Physiotherapy Practice
Physiotherapy Practice
We care for your specific need: "The Difference is in Our Hands..."

Quinchell Daniels-Wentley (BSc.Physio.Stellenbosch) is a practising Physiotherapist. and has taken over the practice from Amalie du Preez , who will only be available by appointment on a part time basis.

Other physiotherapists include: Charné Majavie ( BSc.Physio UWC) on a full-time basis and Terry du Plessis (B.Sc. Physio University Stellenbosch) on a part time basis

The Physiotherapy Practice offers treatment for the following conditions:

Lumber Spine
Back Sprains and Injuries, Lumber Discs, Facet Joints, Overuse & Postural Injuries
Lower back Pain Unstable Spine, SIJ, Buttock Pain, Nerve Root Pain and Pelvic Back Pain

Sport Strapping

Knee Pain
Knee Repalcement- After care
Patellofemoral Disorders, Fat Pad Impingement, Patellar Tendonopathy, Osgood Schlatters and Barker's Cyst

Hip Replacement-After care&hip general pains

Cervical Spine
Neck Pain, Headaches, Whiplash and Brachialgia (Nerve Pain)

Post-operative rehabilitation, Impingement Syndrome, Unloading Upper Trapezius, Multi-directional Instability and Postural Tape

Thoracic Spine and Lung Conditions
Fractured Ribs and Breathing pain, Thoracic Back Pain

Elbow pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow

Over Pronation and related injuries, Shin Pains, Achilles Tendonopathy, Thigh acute muscle injury, Hamstring tear and ITB

Neurological Rehabilitation

Do you have a question about getting fitter, faster and stronger?
Do you have an injury or have you just recovered from one?

Discuss it with us by clicking on the Contact Us button below.

+27 (0) 44 533 2249
+27 (0) 83 320 9508

Current Physiotherapy News - Physiotherapy Back Week:

Every year in SEPTEMBER Physiotherapists across the country promote Physiotherapy Back Week which carries a different theme each year.

Physiotherapy is more than just back care. We can help with any problem to do with your Neuromuscularskeletal system. Neuro (nerves) muscular (muscles) and skeletal (bones). This ranges from headaches to ankle sprains, fractures to muscle strains, joint replacements to sinus. You name it we can help!

Feel free to contact our practice for any questions or problems and always remember...

Look after your back!

"The Difference is in Our Hands..."

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