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Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
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Gasjac & Aquajac – Plettenberg Bay & Knysna

Gas or Water in Plettenberg Bay - You can be sure of our Expertise!

Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
Gasjac & Aquajac - Plettenberg Bay & Knysna
Gas or Water - you can be sure of our expertise and commitment to excellent service!

G A S J A C - Member of LP Gas Safety Association of South Africa

Service ★ Reliability ★ Experience

In Plettenberg Bay, no-one has more experience than us when it comes to Domestic or Commercial Gas Installations.

Choose Gas over Electricity for Cooking – the best chefs will only cook on gas! Call us to install your new stove, hob or braai and if you’re building your new home, we will plan and install the reticulation for all the gas appliances:

Maintenance: Gas appliances must be serviced annualy. You will benefit from this by having a safe and longlasting appliance. We provide excellent back-up service on all our intallations and we are official service agents for Bosch, Best Italia, Eurogas, Gaggenau, Samit, Siemens, SMEG and Whirlpool. We also regularly work on Defy hobs.

Stoves & Hobs: We can supply a wide variety of stoves and hobs.

Braais & Fireplaces: The benefits of gas over wood or charcoal are clear – quick, clean and far easier to cook to perfection. We can supply Jetmaster braais and fireplaces, Multibraai, NoVent and Infiniti. No need to buy dry wood for your fireplace; Switch on and you have instant, clean heat – no smoky atmosphere in your room.

A very important benefit of NoVent and Infinity is that all the heat is kept in the room as both are flueless fireplaces, which is far more efficient and better for the environment.


1. It is law, as per SANS 10087 – 1, that the hydraulic gas hoses at a gas cylinder, commonly in use at a change over regulator or manifold, be replaced every 5 years, or sooner should it perish. The orange reinforced gas hose must be replaced as soon as it discolours starts to become hard or perishes.

2. For appliance safety and longevity, gas appliances should be serviced/inspected every 12 months. SANS 10087 – 1 states that this should be done at regular intervals.
SANS 10087 – 1 further states that any maintenance on gas appliances or gas installations must be performed by a registered LP Gas installer.

Contact us to assist with replacement of hoses and or services that has to be done.

Also see LP Gas Safety Association SA and SAQCC

We specialise in supplying the best filtration system in the world – Reverse Osmosis. No matter how good the municipal supply, there will always be unwanted chlorine and minerals in the tap water.

It is a myth that minerals in water are good for you. All minerals presented in water are inorganic and therefore cannot be absorbed by your body. Chlorine is simply bad for your health and the inorganic minerals can lead to arthritis, overworked kidneys, clogged arteries and cataracts.

There is only one kind of water that is positively good for you and that is purified water, and that is what our top quality, fully imported, system will do.

We also supply and install filtration systems for filtering out unwanted sediment, chlorine and other impurities to stop build-up leading to the failure of your washing machine and geyser.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your filtration system is absolutely essential, particularly with regard to protecting the membrane in the Reverse Osmosis system. We have a maintenance plan to ensure that you get optimum performance from your system.

Your water system requires a filter change and service every four to six months. The frequency depends on the quality of water entering your system. The sediment filter, shown as example in the photos above, has been in use for six months. Was it not for the filter, you would have drank 'that'. If you don't have a system installed yet, best you talk to us then.

If you already have a system installed, call us to ensure that it is being serviced correctly.

Variety: We have a range of systems available, form a screw on tap filter, right through to a 5 stage reverse osmosis purifying system.

Don’t be a filter. Use one instead.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote and no-strings-attached advice!

Gas or Water in Plettenberg Bay - You can be sure of our Expertise!

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