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Riana Zinn Optometrists
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Riana Zinn Optometrists

Making a Visible Difference in Your Life

Riana Zinn Optometrists
Riana Zinn Optometrists
Riana Zinn Optometrists
Riana Zinn Optometrists
Riana Zinn Optometrists
Optometry is essentially a door for me to make a visible difference in your life today!

Welcome to Riana Zinn Optometrists, Paarl

"As an optometrist, optometry is essentially a doorway for me to make a visible difference in your life of vision. Comfort and clarity of sight is vital, amidst the importance to examine for any possible clinical pathology in your ocular health. I have a multi-disciplinary approach, having a network of professionals to refer to when it is indicated to refer, for your best interest."

"Excellence is my passion, thus to prescribe the best prescription in any design of spectacle lenses or contact lenses best suited for your visual requirements. Providing your prescription in the latest, best-looking frame of your choice is my privilege."

My expertise

Your Visual Examination is comprehensive. Allowing enough time for most of the procedures guarantee an outcome suited to your visual requirements. Please plan for an hour-long appointment.

A full visual examination consists of:

● A clinical visual refraction: determining your refraction and spectacle prescription
Binocular vision assessment: how the two eyes function together
Glaucoma test: intra-ocular pressure (qualify for Discovery and Momentum points)
● Ocular health screening and evaluation: dry eyes, seasonal conjunctivitis, contact lens complications and any other diagnosed referable ocular disease such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, etc
OCT scanning where indicated (for example macular changes, retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFL) for high intra-ocular pressure, etc)

Special fields of interest and expertise:

Dry Eye Therapy and Support
● Special interest: Low Vision
Child Vision Care with visual therapy as indicated
● Visagraph assessments: referred to Lizelle van der Walt

Your glasses:

● Personal assistance in the choice of your best-suited optical lenses for your prescription
● Guide with frame selection, with a priority to help you look good, too!

Contact lenses:

● Advise and fit you with contact lenses most suited for you
● Taking all the factors into consideration ‒ work environment, computer work, reading and school or study purposes, age (multifocal contact lenses), hobbies, lifestyle and sport; all play a deciding role in the choice of the type of contact lens most suited for you
● In serious compromised corneal changes, specialty lenses are indicated

Making a Visible Difference in Your Life

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