The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Ok so its been a few months since I put finger to key but it’s been a weird kinda few months, the bike industry is booming – well until the bikes ran out, and people are riding everywhere! Some shops are even recycling second hand stock to try turn a dollar, fortunately for us I bought a pile of bikes prior to lockdown and just after it opened up so I’ve still got some left. Anyhoo less of business news and lets get to the Good first.

The Good.

Racing is happening!

Already the government has slackened off the rules and as vague as it is we are pushing ahead with races in MPU

First up is the Hectorspruit race which is on the 31st Oct, it’s always a fun event with flat tracks and a party atmosphere, entries and info at, racing starts at an early 6am to try miss the summer heat, be there and give all that lockdown Zwift training a blast!

The flattest race this side of English beer! The Alzu Tour De Farm is a cane field sprint that the roadies love and I’m sure it will attract a ton of gravel bikes ridden by owners who have now found a use for it! Its over 2 days 7 & 8 November and there are NO late entries

Then it’s the Sabie Experience stage race from the 13th to the 15th November, always a great race for partners or solo riders to enjoy together! Dennis is planning his usual excellent mix of great trails, stunning views and flowing single track, entries are filling up so get entered and get that Sabie X vibe rocking!

Then the BIG ONE! The NOON TO MOON is back! 5th December is the date when you can grab all your riding buddies and party out this crazy year whilst riding some of the most fun single track in the province! Always a fan favourite, this year sees us back at the fantastic Merry Pebbles to put on a mountain bike show you won’t want to miss! Check out the attached flyer and entry form! You can mail Sandy directly.

The Bad. (and ugly)

Well it has to be said that the bad thing is the closure of Mankele, I’ve been involved in it since it was just an idea that Mark and Geoff had almost 15 years ago to build some trails at the farm so we could have something to ride that wasn’t just forest road. Their efforts created a venue that set a benchmark against which many such parks are measured, but the mix of accommodation and facilities set it apart from all the others and it rapidly became a favourite host of the SA XCO and DH Champs and Cup series races. The 3 Towers went from a small grass roots race for a few mates from the Mabalel Hotel to the Mikon farm to morphing into one of the most respected stage races in SA. Added to this the Spur series races and the many parties and social rides we’ve enjoyed, it will be sorely missed. To dispel the ‘ugly’ rumours (see what I did there?) the reason for its closure is simple economics, the venue was reliant upon the large school groups for which specialist facilities were built and the 3 Towers and other events to be profitable. The Camping and accommodation doesn’t alone cover the overheads of keeping such a large operation afloat so until things are back to normal and the venue can once again realize its potential Geoff and the family have decided to mothball it. Time will tell if we see Mankele back on the map but fingers crossed, it won’t be the last we see of it! In the meantime a huge thanks to Geoff and the family and of course Mark for making some of the best mountain bike memories one could ever wish for!

Social rides

Dennis Lawrie has become transformed from the local trail builder extraordinaire into the trail leader extraordinaire! Every weekend he takes a whole bunch of guys out on 7 hour epic rides all over the Lowveld! Give him a shout if you need some adventure in your life! 0781021680

The Valencia crew is doing Road Rides every Sunday for about 3-4 hours, all are welcome even if you only have a MTB, give me a call and I’ll add you to the WA list.0827745821 .

Alan Livingston still does his Saturday rides from Belladonna, it’s a small group of gentlemen and ladies who simply enjoy to ride in the forest, send him your number so he can add you to the social ride group and start your new life of health, wealth and happiness! Rides are chilled and fun filled, and accommodate the weak of leg and weak of will!

Send Alan a message and ask him to add you to the WA group.


Cheers Brett.