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The Big Swing - Graskop
The Big Swing - Graskop Facebook Page

The Big Swing – Graskop


The Big Swing - Graskop
The Big Swing - Graskop
The Big Swing - Graskop
The Big Swing - Graskop
The Big Swing - Graskop
Experience the adrenaline of a 70m free-fall...

Big Swing and Zipline @ Graskop Gorge Lift Centre

The Big Swing – the world’s highest cable gorge swing – has been incorporated into Graskop Gorge Lift Centre, which is also home to the innovative Graskop viewing lift.

Big Swing
The Big Swing offers an adrenaline rush like no other!
The experience is very different to a bungee-jump, because you are strapped in an upright position, in a full safety harness. Being upright enables you to enjoy the Graskop Gorge’s magnificent views… If you can keep your eyes open as you freefall 70 metres, at 140km/h, in under three seconds.

If you need to hold someone’s hand when you jump, you can choose the tandem option.
Once your heart has stopped racing after the jump, you can immerse yourself further in the gorge’s spectacular scenery, waterfall and forest, as you climb over 400 stairs back to the top.
Cost: R350 per person.

Those who still want to get their heart racing, but think that the Big Swing is too extreme, can fly across the gorge on a 130-metre high-wire zipline.
Cost: R120 per person
The Big Swing and Zipline are open daily from 08h30 to 17h00.

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