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Sizanane Training Academy

Sizanane Training Academy


Sizanane Training Academy
Sizanane Training Academy
Sizanane Training Academy
We specialise in the training & professional qualification of security guards.

Sizanane Training Academy

Sizanane Training Academy specialise in the training and professional qualification of security guards in Nelspruit and the greater Mpumalanga area.

At Sizanane, we offer courses in the classroom as well as training through correspondence for those unable to attend classes through the week.

Sizanane is accredited by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulator Authority) and we have an established reputation in town since starting our operation in 1997.

Training is available to any person over 18 as long as they can read, write and have no criminal record.

Qualifications Offered

★ Grade E
Personal hygiene, basic occupational safety, public relations, role and function of security, bombs and explosive device and fire-arms, discipline, basic self-defence, observation, guarding and patrolling, basic firefighting, basic legal aspects, industrial relations, radio and telephone communications.

★ Grade D
Public relations, self-defence and minimum force, basic firefighting, radio communications, legal aspects 1, access control, search procedures and techniques, pocket books, the role of security personnel in occupational safety.

★ Grade C
Legal aspects 2, protection of information, role in emergency, bomb threats, fire prevention and protection, self-defence 2, written reports, the role of security personnel in occupational safety, the threat.

★ Grade B
Physical security and technology, planned inspections, role in emergency, statements, communications, orders and instructions, on the job training, supervision, group relations, handling parades.

★ Grade A
Basic principles of investigation, actions at the scene of the crime, questioning of witnesses, principles of giving evidence, courts and court procedures, human behaviour, motivation, gaining co-operation, report writing, security registers, interaction.

★ Grade Retail
Introduction to retail, customer relations, communication, security risks, arrests and search and seizure in retail environment, preservation, and recording and giving of evidence, access control, emergency procedures.

★ Grade Armed Reaction
Introduction to reaction services, customer relations, emergency procedures, communication, legal aspects, crime scene procedures and identification of principles and categories, inspections and challenges procedures, handling of victims, report writing and statements, court procedures and giving evidence, techniques regarding firearm handling.

★ Grade Cash in Transit
Introduction to bullion and cash in transit, the risk, operational procedures, dress and discipline and behaviour, cash in transit auditing and documentation.

★ Correspondence Studies (At home Training)
You will be provided with a text book with all your assignments which you will complete in your own time. Once you have passed your assignments you will be required to complete and exam.
We offer correspondence training for Grade E, D, C, B, A, Retail, Armed Reaction and Cash in Transit.


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