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Pisces Training

Pisces Training

Knowledge is power

Pisces Training
Pisces Training
Pisces Training
Pisces Training
Pisces Training
Knowledge is power

Pisces Training Nelspruit specialises in assessor, facilitator and moderator training under ETDP Seta. Individual attention is given in every class, and the competency rate is very high.


The role of the assessor is to assess a learner's competence against standards and qualifications
registered on the NQF, using pre-designed instruments. This workshop is based on the SAQA-registered unit standard 115753 "Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment" NQF Level 5, with 15 credits.


This workshop is based on the SAQA-registered unit standard 117871 “Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies”, NQF Level 5, with 10 credits. This generic facilitator unit standard is for people who instruct or teach candidates according to unit standards and/or qualifications.


The moderator's role is to ensure that the assessment process is fair, valid, reliable and practicable. A moderator is therefore responsible for moderating and supporting assessors, as well as setting up or managing an assessment and moderation system. This workshop is based on the SAQA-registered unit standard 115759 “Conduct Moderation of Outcomes Based Assessment” on NQF Level 6, with 10 credits.


As the SDF you will be responsible for the development and planning of a skills development strategy for a company for a specific period. This will include the development and implementa_on of an annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan, and the submission of
the training reports to the relevant Seta. The workshop is based on the following SAQA-registered unit standards: 15217, 15232, 15218, 15221, 15227 & 15228.

Catherine Descroizilles, the lead facilitator for all training courses, has 21 years teaching experience. She has been facilitating adult training events since 1998. She completed a BA in Communication Science with Unisa and has several Seta registrations and numerous short courses.

Enrolment fees

The total fee is payable on or before the attendance date.

Fees are not refundable. If a particular date is no longer suitable, then you may choose an alternative date to attend.


If a candidate is found Not Yet Competent, a further two assessments may be conducted at no extra charge. If the candidate is still Not Yet Competent following this, they will be required to attend anoth er training course at 50% of the full fee.

Training dates

The dates supplied are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all dates at least one week prior to attending the course.

View the calendar here

Venue of training

Training venues may change due to numbers attending or to non-availability. Please confirm the venue three days prior to the course. Maps or directions can be provided on request.

Certificates & Statements of Results

Certificates cannot be issued until a Statement of Results has been issued by the ETDP Seta. This process can take up to 6 months, depending on verification dates supplied by the Seta. While every effort is taken to reduce this time lapse, Pisces Training must abide by the Seta regulations and wait for results. Candidates are welcome to contact us to enquire about certificates.

Knowledge is power

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