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Sinethemba Youth Development

Sinethemba Youth Development

About Sinethemba

Virtually all South African cities and towns face the reality of begging children and youths on their streets. Knysna is no exception. You will be approached almost daily by begging children. What will be (or should be), your reaction?

Sinethemba’s mission is the rehab-ilitation of children and youth at risk – particularly those roaming the streets. Its focus is on eventual self-sufficiency. It is in dire need of donations – we urge you to please make one, rather than give money to begging children.

Sinethemba was established in mid- 2003. The first priority was to find a suitable building at an appropriate location in one of the townships from where children and youth took to the streets of Knysna to beg for money – ostensibly to buy food but, in reality, it’s used for sniffing glue, drugs and alcohol (either for themselves or their parents).

Having identified a suitable centre – the virtually unused and barren Catholic Church Hall in Khayalethu South – it was named the Youth Development Centre. The first task was to equip the centre with the necessary facilities (e.g. ablution block, kitchen, administration and so on). This was done at considerable expense funded via loans from a Knysna resident. Likewise with the employment of suitably qualified salaried staff at market-related salaries.

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