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Naturally Knysna

Our Vision: A thriving, prosperous, resilient and dynamic town based on a nature-inspired economy.

Latest News: Download the application form to the Knysna Waste Minimisation Roadshow Competition here!


Welcome to Naturally Knysna™!

The Naturally Knysna™ initiative was conceptualized and developed and is being spearheaded by Sue Swain of BioWise, which is a Non-Profit Company that is dedicated to raising awareness and educating on biomimicry, natural systems thinking and nature-inspired solutions. The town of Knysna is turning to Nature for answers… Why? Read on… Nature has had 3.8 billion years of experience in getting it right! From architecture (termite towers that have natural air conditioning), to engineering (bamboo stems that have twice the compression strength of concrete), to crafting miracle materials (spider’s silk ounce for ounce 5 times stronger than steel) – Nature does it in a way that never harms or depletes the earth. Equally exciting, is the fact that there are whole (eco)systems that are just like towns, where a diversity of organisms live successfully in complex, self-organised, self-sustaining, self-reliant communities. And so, we have turned to our own unique ecosystem, the Knysna Forest, to discover the secrets of its success. Out of this has evolved the “Naturally Knysna” initiative which is essentially a blueprint for Knysna based on the guiding principles that have ensured the forest’s survival and resilience for millennia. (Use the tabs above to see how we can find the answers in nature…)

Be inspired by nature's proven problem-solving ability. All the answers are there already!

Naturally Knysna is about emerging a whole new economy… • an economy led by innovation and creativity that is inspired by nature • an economy in which entrepreneurial opportunities abound, • an economy that contributes positively to the healthy functioning of the system (town) as a whole Naturally Knysna is relevant to all sectors (tourism, business, industry, agriculture, education, conservation, community) and applicable to all professions. It is a way of life that unites us all and, if embraced with integrity and applied with commitment, is a unique branding opportunity that will showcase us as the nature-inspired capital of the world. In learning to “function like a forest”, we will flourish as a forest does. Following Nature’s principles, Knysna will develop into a naturally prosperous, dynamic, life-friendly, vibrant, diverse town – a town worthy of its beautiful surroundings and a natural extension of it.


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The Green Times: Knysna’s new vision to learn from natureArticle by Elma Plloard (Editor, The Green Times)

Naturally Knysna Naturally Knysna Naturally Knysna

Our Vision: A thriving, prosperous, resilient and dynamic town based on a nature-inspired economy.

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