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Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay
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Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay

Love | Support | Education | Training

Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay
Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay
Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay
Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay
drop-in centre for the children where they receive love, support, education, and training ...

The Joshua Project is a registered non-profit organization since 1998, serving as a Drop-In Centre, which is a non-residential facility which regularly provides basic services/programmes for vulnerable children/youth.

These include provision of food, ablution facilities, and basic health care guidance, formal (AET) / non-formal (Homework support) educational and recreational opportunities and services. It is a facility aimed at meeting the emotional, physical, spiritual and social development needs of vulnerable children.

Our Team
Our team consists of local and international missionaries and volunteers, both young and old, men and women who are passionate about serving and supporting vulnerable children and youth.

What We Do
At Joshua Project we focus on providing a safe, welcoming environment for children and youth to come and receive support. We serve these children and youth through M.E.N.D: Mentoring, Educating, Nurturing and discipling them using different tools like: Soccer, AET (Communication and Mathematical Literacy lessons), Homework support, Focus group discussions & activities (bible stories, boys talk, arts&crafts, games etc) and skills development activities to do so.

Our Projects
1. Educational support (Homework support;AET classes)
2. Bible instruction & activities (stories;devotions)
3. Practical skills development/transfer (Woodwork; Practical Maths;
Welding and Mechanics)
4. Life Skills (Ububalo-soccer & Aleph - surf Programs)
5. Recreational activities (movie time, baking, educational outings)

Why Support Us
By supporting us, you can contribute to the greater good and help many vulnerable children and youth in Jeffreys Bay.

Partnering with us enables us to increase our capacity and better serve the children and youth who daily attend activities and programs offered at Joshua Project.

Give us Your Time
If you have a heart for children and want to see their quality of life improved, and you are able to volunteer your time, please come see us and see how you can get involved.


What type of organisation are you?
The Joshua Project is a registered non-profit organization, registration number: 1998/007990/08 serving the vulnerable children and youth within our community with certified public benefit number 18/11/13/329.

Are you registered as a Public Benefit Organisation?

Are you able to issue a Section 18A certificate to donors so that their donations are tax-deductable?

What % of my donation does the organisation receive?

How will my donation be used?
The Joshua Project has a Leadership team lead by a Project Leader, who in confirmation with the Financial Director and Chair of the Board decide on how funds received is utilized to best serve vulnerable children and youth in our community in accordance with our Project Plan which is evaluated on an annual basis.

Love | Support | Education | Training

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