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Paul Steyn Foundation

Paul Steyn Foundation
Paul feels that he has the capacity to make a difference in the lives of other people

The Paul Steyn Foundation

The Paul Steyn Foundation was established as a non-profit organisation to achieve the following:

★    Raise funds to provide deserving financially disadvantaged people with prosthetic limbs.
★    Make the public aware of the cost of prosthesis.
★    Take up matters concerning amputees with the government and other organisations.
★    Other matters related to the above.

Paul Steyn, himself an amputee, is well aware of the cost of prosthetic limbs. Through his own experiences and his interaction with other amputees, he became aware of the difficulties facing amputees, especially concerning access to prosthesis amoungst disadvantaged persons in the community.

He now realised his dream to be able to make a difference to the lives other people in a similar situation as him. He is well aware that he is one of the more fortunate amputees. He is planning various projects to establish awareness with the relevant authorities, society and interest groups and raise funds needed to provide prosthetic limbs to disadvantaged people.

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