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Mc Millan and Associates

Mc Millan and Associates

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Mc Millan and Associates
Mc Millan and Associates
Mc Millan and Associates
Mc Millan and Associates
Mc Millan and Associates
CCMA and Bargaining Council representation for employers.

To remain cost effective, efficient and competitive, employers are compelled to manage the labour force and employment relations in a manner that enhances and sustains the winning attributes of the Company. The labour relations operations of any Organisation or Company must be managed and be directed, so that all members add value to the services rendered or products delivered.

We therefore assist and support our clients with the following services as required by legislation:

• Drafting and implementation of Employment Contracts and Procedures
• Disciplinary and Grievance handling
• Restructuring in the workplace based on operational requirements
• Negotiations with Trade Unions
• Dealing with disputes at the workplace.
• EE and SDF Reports.
• CCMA and Bargaining Council representation.

To protect the interests of the clients in the collective bargaining process.

To ensure fair labour practices in the workplace, and to address situations both internally and externally, that could otherwise threaten the continued existence of the business ,

To assist clients in dealing with Union issues,

To provide assistance and support to clients so that their rights as employers are promoted and protected,

To represent the clients in matters of litigation in the CCMA and Bargaining Council arising from labour disputes of whatever nature,

To present a whole spectrum of labour relations training,


Advice and consultations pertaining to all in-house situations involving labour practices, including Conditions of Service, Disciplinary Hearings, Grievance Procedures, Poor Work Performance, Absenteeism, Incapacity, Strikes, Disputes, and Restructuring of Operations.

Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings by a qualified Labour Law Practitioner.

Drafting and/or auditing Contracts of Employment and/or assistance in preparing Conditions of Employment and Procedures.

Free subscription to a weekly report pertaining to the latest Labour Relations trends in South Africa.

In-service training of management and supervisory key personnel regarding the following:

• Poor Work Performance
• Progressive Discipline
• Abuse of Sick Leave and Employee Absenteeism
• Grievance Handling

071 522 1478 |

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