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Realstart love God and love others & to be and see authentic pursuers of Christ...

About Us

We believe that the ethos of an organisation is what determines who they are, how they act and what they will become. Ethos denotes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterise a community, a nation or an ideology. RealStart is an unequivocally Christian, faith-based, organisation. There is strong evidence to support the positive impact the Gospel of Jesus Christ has on the life of individuals, their families, and their communities. However, whilst we firmly believe in the life-changing consequences of an authentic walk with God and reserve the right to proclaim this truth to all participants, we support their right to choose what path they take. 
Thus, the decision to follow Christ and His example remains the exclusive choice of individuals and RealStart supports this ‘freedom of choice’ wholeheartedly. The essence that will underpin all that we do is captured in the following two ethos statements

‘To love God and love others’ and ‘To be and see authentic pursuers of Christ’

...about us...

Love God

this remains the central essence of life, the solution for all humanity and the very reason for man’s existence. When this value is foremost in the life of any human being what follows is truthful living, morality, liberty, care for others, and the erosion of human conflict.

Love others

this is the inevitable byproduct of ‘loving God’, and a crucial element of truly following God. We strongly believe in caring for others with no strings attached or hidden agendas, and caring for others not as a project or mission but because we genuinely care. Loving others also incorporates caring for the environment and working towards sustainable living and responsible ecological behaviour.


we believe in an honest expression of Christianity, where people speak truthfully to one another, where there are no hidden agendas, where there is no manipulation, no autocratic rulership, and where people are lovingly encouraged to be true to themselves and God.


we believe that a meaningful walk with God is something that involves active and intentional pursuit. We distance ourselves from the notion that following God only involves a once-off event involving mental assent to the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Be and see

we believe the above values start with the staff of RealStart and we are stand opposed to all forms of hypocrisy.

Of Christ

we believe in all that Jesus Christ stood for and strongly believe that when we live in relationship with Him and hold fast to His teachings the world becomes a better place for all. RealStart passionately cares about the future of disadvantaged school-leavers and makes use of the best possible means to change their lives, set their vocational course and enable them to become positive role-models and change-agents within South Africa. For more info Email love God and love others & to be and see authentic pursuers of Christ...

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