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Sikelela Skill Centre

a beautiful haven

Sikelela Skill Centre
Who we are...

Who we are?

Sikelela Skills Development Centre is a project of George Child and Family Welfare that was initiated to bring together unemployed people in order that their creativity and initiative may be harnessed.

In order to create a solution to poverty alleviation, Sue du Toit (Director of George Child Welfare) together with Ning Bath (Chairman of the Board) and Sabine Plattner (Patron of George Child Welfare) envisaged a training centre to address this issue.

Through the patronage of Sabine Plattner of Fancourt, and other local businesses, a training centre with a tea garden and shop was established in 2006. Initial funding for training was granted by the Department of Social Development.

The Sikelela Skills Development Centre was created by members of the GCFW to overt some of the problems they face on a daily basis during the care of their community.

As they have been rendering services since 1926, they now seek to enable people to change their reality through Skills Training rather than be called upon only when there is a financial crisis.

a beautiful haven

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