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Delivery Man
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Delivery Man

Open 7 Days a Week 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Delivery Man
Delivery Man
Delivery Man
Delivery Man
Delivery Man
☺ You ring, we bring... Service is our pleasure...

Welcome to the world of take-out deliveries

Yes, only one phone call and you can have food from your favourite restaurant/s and many other items delivered to your doorstep.

How to Order - YOU RING WE BRING!

Just call 044 873 6677 and our friendly operators will help you through the process.

On your first call your details will be noted and we issue you with a personal delivery number (PDN) to speed up future orders.


Delivery Man Services:

All items from our Tuck Shop are delivered at no additional charge when placing a food order.

Any shopping pick-up’s carries an additional charge of R 7.95 for LESS THAN 5 ITEMS and R9.95 for 5 OR MORE ITEMS.

Additional charges will apply when shopping reaches 10 items or more.

We can pick up Liquor until 8:00pm Monday to Friday and until 6:00pm on Saturday. Charges apply as above.


Prices are subject to change (due to printing constraints) but are guaranteed to be at national franchise levels. NB! This excludes non-franchise establishments which are at the discretion of their owners.

Payments & Gratuity:

We accept Cash, Visa and Master Credit or Debit Cards only.
Tips, when deserved, are greatly appreciated by our hard working drivers.
NB. Please note that we have limited Card Machines and this MAY delay your order!

Delivery Charges (basic charge for 1 base restaurant: Panarottis or Spur)

0-1 km R 11.95 (Additional charges as per T&Cs below)
1-2 km R 19.95 (Add charges as per T&Cs below)
2-3 km R 23.95 (Add charges as per T&Cs below)
3-4 km R 26.95 (Add charges as per T&Cs below)
4-5 km R 30.95 (Add charges as per T&Cs below)

5 km & More (charges will be quoted on a time and distance basis)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Pertaining to delivery fee structure)

- Distances are calculated from the Delivery Man offices at the top of York street.
- Minimum order of R50.00 required
- Each Additional outlet carries the following charges:

• Panarotti’s or Spur R 3.95
• Mac Donald's R4.95
• Mumbai Cafe R 5.95
• Pure Craft & Foods R 6.95
• Nandos Chicken R8.95

Herewith the menus from the restaurants we deliver for:

The Tuck Shop: Menu

Panarotti's: Page 1 / Page 2

Spur: Page 1 / Page 2

Pure Craft & Foods: Page 1 / Page 2 & Sushi

Nando's Chicken: Page 1 / Page 2

McDonalds: Page 1 / Page 2

Rocco Mammas: Menu

Texas Grill: Page 1 / Sushi Menu

Mumbai Cafe: Menu

West Coast: Page 1 / Sushi - Menu

Hussar Grill: Menu

You ring, we bring! Service is our pleasure! Contact us now on 044 873 6677

Open 7 Days a Week 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm

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