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JD Fencing

Quality Fencing at Affordable Prices

JD Fencing
JD Fencing
JD Fencing
JD Fencing
JD Fencing
Fencing Enhances the Value of Your Home

Do you need to increase your privacy, keep pets or livestock contained, secure your home or business, ensure the safety of your children?

Then J & D Fencing is your answer…

J&D Fencing offers superior quality fencing and installation at affordable prices for both residential and commercial use, servicing the Southern Cape, Western Cape and Karoo.

We have many styles to choose from including:
* Vinyl Fencing
* Privacy Fencing
* Chain Link Fencing
* Barbed Wire Fencing
* Field Fencing
* Board Fencing
* Swimming Pool Fencing
* Game Fencing
* Industrial Fencing
* Pole Fencing
* Picket Fencing
* Palisades
* Gates

J & D Fencing is proud of the quality of fencing supplied to customers at affordable prices and is a recognized name in Game Fencing and Fencing for Farms.

The old cliché “Fences make good neighbours” has been around for many years, but fences offer so much more than just a boundary or outline to your property, it gives you privacy, safety and adds charm to your home. Not only does fencing enhance the value and beauty of your home, it also gives you an excellent backdrop for flowers or scrubs and enhances the overall value of your home or property.

It has been recorded that for children under 5, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death. Unfortunately many people continue to ignore the fact that unfenced swimming pools are one of the biggest cause of child drownings. When installing your pool, remember to safeguard you and your family against heartache by securing your pool area with safe.

At J & D Fencing we not only secure home and family but we also ad value and charm to your home

For a fence that will stand the test of time call J&D Fencing:

Seef: 072 308 1045 / 081 493 1737
Diphus: 081 251 3888

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Quality Fencing at Affordable Prices

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