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Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
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Leadership Dimensions – Dr Barbara Johnson

Better People, not in spite of, but because of....

Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
Leadership Dimensions - Dr Barbara Johnson
"Better People, not in spite of, but because of, the very circumstances that they found themselves in”. Viktor Frankl

Business People-Issues are causing more and more frustration

Business Executives, Managers and Staff Members are presenting with People-Issues that manifest in reduced performance, greater absenteeism and less loyalty. Add to this, higher levels of stress, greater negativity and lower morale. In turn, the Business is losing talent and has increased employment costs that translate into less on the bottom line. People are feeling anxious, angry or depressed and often turn to what results in being addictions. Despair, despondency and doubt increase resistance to any change processes that may be used as a solution.

Leadership Dimensions appreciates these difficulties, the consequences and the resulting multi-level heartache.

Implementing the Correct Solution so the Business can work

Leadership Dimensions offers an added-value solution to your People-Issues. Go to cause rather than symptom. Go to the pain, suffering and frustration within the Individual. Leadership Dimensions differentiates itself by offering a Counselling addition to Coaching. Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy is used.

A unique process of Logo-Speak, Logo-Coach and Logo-Train assists, develops and inspires your people. Face to Face or Face to Skype sessions and Group work are safe, empowering and confidential. Logotherapy methodology is also offered as Train the Trainer for Business and the Professions. Individuals work to establish stability, build on a stable foundation and springboard to greater heights. Promotion, Retrenchment, Retirement, Succession Planning and Remedial issues are handled with greater generative impact.Leadership Dimensions offering is holistic in nature, fosters autonomy of decision making and action. It is fair to personal values and relative to personal work and life circumstances. This client-focused approach brings Business costs in People-Issues down dramatically.

Excellent ROI

Business has found training to have a minimal ROI. The inclusion of coaching has dramatically elevated ROI. Leadership Dimensions however, questions the validity of putting a “plaster on the wound”. The inclusion of Logotherapy offers accelerated, substantial and sustainable results with excellent ROI.

To experience Leadership Dimensions’ cutting-edge technologies in People-Development please have your EAP (Employment Assistant Programme), HR or Training/Development departments contact me.

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How may we assist, develop or motivate you and/or your staff?

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1 Trauma Counselling
2 Coaching – Transformation
3 Coaching – Transcendence
4 Train the Trainer – Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy – How to find Meaning in the Suffering?
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I look forward to hearing from you, Barbara Johnson

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Barbara Johnson of Leadership Dimensions regarding your Business People-Issues:

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Better People, not in spite of, but because of....

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