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Coffee News Durban

Coffee News Durban

Coffee News Durban
No bad news, just “news to amuse”!

Welcome to Coffee News Durban! No bad news, just “news to amuse”!

What is Coffee News?

The biggest restaurant publication in the world, Coffee News was established in Canada in 1988. It is enjoyed by millions of readers in over 50 countries. Coffee News is entertaining, with amazing facts, interesting trivia, comical stories, horoscopes, and a special “What's Happening” column for local events. Puzzles, competitions … something for everyone!

Coffee News is the ideal way for businesses to promote themselves within a local community. If
you don’t need national distribution, why pay for it?

Who reads Coffee News?

People of all ages love it! The current readership is 7 000 – 8 000 per week.


The Coffee News is distributed in the area between Glenwood and Springfield Park, and from the N2 to the sea – distribution incorporates a vast number of suburbs, including Musgrave, Essenwood, Morningside, etc.

More than 1,600 copies are distributed free of charge weekly, in over 120 restaurants and waiting rooms.

Why is this effective?

Lots of reasons!

• Good Food = Good Mood! People are relaxed and receptive when reading your ad – they are MUCH more likely to notice and remember you!
• They have time to read it.
• Coffee News is free – they can take it home with them.
• It is quick and easy to read – takes 7 to 8 minutes.

Why is Coffee News different?

• It offers Exclusive Advertising - competitors are locked out!
• Affordable Rates.
• Targets your market area (you don't pay for more!).
• Targets people with disposable income, who frequent coffee shops and restaurants.
• Guaranteed Visibility – consistent and repetitive exposure. You may be on the front or the back, but will never be lost in the middle!

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