Israel 2012, 90 mins, PG

Director: Rama Burshtein.

Starring: Hadas Yaron, Yiftach Klein.

Winner of 7 Israeli Academy Awards.

Winner Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival.

Torn between her heart and her family.

Set among the Haredi community, 18-year-old Shira is pressured into marrying her older sister’s husband following her sibling’s tragic death in childbirth.

She will have to make a choice between her heart’s wish and a duty to her family.

The film was well received by critics for its depiction of Orthodox Jews and their lifestyle.

● Graceful, complex and beautifully layered, Fill the Void offers a sympathetic portrait of an insulated culture by exploring universal themes. Rotten Tomatoes.

● A work of art of overwhelming beauty and impact. The Weekly Standard.

● An astonishing film, a masterful piece of art. Washington Examiner.

● Remarkable. Both accessible and thrilling. It is completely unexpected and entirely believable.