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The ProRep Solution
The ProRep Solution
The ProRep Solution

Professional Business Relationship Consultant Ballito, Dolphin Coast

The ProRep Solution
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The ProRep Solution

Professional Business Relationship Growth

Are you a Business Owner Who Loves the Business, but HATES selling?

Is your business Too Small to employ a full time sales force, although this is exactly what you need to grow?

Do you not have Time to train a sales person as you know they should be trained?



The Sales ‘Rep’ is an employee able to present your products and services to prospective customers, identity, qualify, and follow-up on sales opportunities. They will create presentations and schedule sales meetings. A Sales Rep may make a sale in the course of his/her day, but this is not the prime focus of his day.

Sales Professional is possibly a business owner’s greatest asset. These talented and tenacious individuals are a rare exception in the sales pool. Driven by the thrill of the close, the Sales Professional is vital to the frontline of any business; a driving force to grow and maintain a company’s sales line.

Does your Business Need a Sales Representative?

Or are you excited by the opportunity to secure a Sales Professional?


The ProRep Solution 


Motivated by a passion for people and inspired by helping them grow both personally and professionally, Claire Philips has a well-developed network of business professionals. After 21 years doing business and ‘life’ in the Ballito and Umhlanga areas, having played an integral part in growing membership of the Ilembe Chamber of Business, Commerce and Tourism and incorporating a powerful database of business contacts in Durban, Ballito, Umhlanga and Pietermaritzburg, she is uniquely positioned to connect people, businesses, services and products in the ideal partnership – assuring a win-win for all concerned.


  “Sales professionals consistently strive to gain insight and advantages into sales situations and opportunities to ensure the success of their mission to convert potential sales into actualized sales.” 


An Investment in Outcomes


Unlike a sales rep employee who seldom considers his/her sales pursuit cost to the employer and considers any effort in the sales work as part of his/her job, the Sales Professional knows which prospects to pursue, when and why a sales pursuit should be abandoned and how to negotiate and achieve profitable transactions.

The Sales Professional assures maximum profitability. Always.


The Leader of Lead Creations.

Business Relationships that Work.

The ProRep Solution
The ProRep Solution
The ProRep Solution

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