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Lifeline Vaal Triangle

If it's important to you, it's important to us !

Lifeline Vaal Triangle
We create emotional wellness...

24 hour Crisis Line:
016 428 1640
Lifeline Vaal Triangle

Lifeline Vaal Triangle, is a people orientated organisation focused on building the well-being of the community and the individual. 

Lifeline Vaal has strived to create emotional wellness, and build the community heart for the distressed, and counter the social illness of the community in the area since 1984. Promoting Personal wellness and resilience and peer education, as well as experiential journeys to discover self and develop wellness.

LifeLine Vaal Triangle is a Non Profit Organisation offering confidential, 24 hour telephone counselling to the community of the Vaal.

Services include:

  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Building the community
  • Bella Maria Home for Abused Women
  • Thuthuzela Care Center ( One-stop-medico-legal rape crisis center ) 

We have credibility in the training of counselors and counseling ! 


If you need to talk to someone safely and anonymously you can an email to 


LifeLine Vaal Triangle Product Range !!!

Throwing out a LifeLine

LifeLine Vaal Triangle is very excited to launch a new idea into the market!

We have decided to address three pressing points at the same time,

•          Social development

•          Fundraising

•          Therapy

By launching a LifeLine product range in therapy toys.

The market we are aiming for is Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists and Schools (Educators).

This initiative aims to benefit the public by initiating a skills development program where women living in Bella Maria – Shelter for abused women, will be taught the skill of making therapy toys.

This project will also give LifeLine an opportunity to raise much needed funds by marketing and selling therapy toys, to enable them to throw out a lifeline to more people in need.

The women involved in the project will not only learn a skill but will also receive much needed therapy (support group work) to restore their self-confidence.

LifeLine aims to launch the following product line:

•          Separation anxiety, Bereavement, handicapped, thermal illness.

•          Anger management, bullying, school counselling, career counselling.

•          Sensory manipulative, encopresis, enuresis, body awareness, molestation.

•          Autism, ADHD, ADD, cognitive.

•          Puppets, role play, dress up.

•          Feelings & self-expressions, emotions.

Anyone interested in purchasing or ordering any of these toys can contact LifeLine on 016 428 1740 during office hours. Toys can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Contact persons: Colleen, Dineo, Shirley

Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle
Lifeline Vaal Triangle

Building community heart

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