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Paliswa Labour Law and Training - Guesthouses and Businesses
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Paliswa Labour Law and Training – Guesthouses and Businesses

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Paliswa Labour Law and Training - Guesthouses and Businesses
Paliswa Labour Law and Training - Guesthouses and Businesses
Paliswa Labour Law and Training - Guesthouses and Businesses
We cover all aspects of employment law & provide training to personnel for hospitality & business.

We strive to provide a service to Employers in the Hospitality and Business sectors. We cover all aspects of Employment Law and provide training to personnel.

Some of the aspects of Employment Law covered by us:


Grievances MUST be handled as they arise. If they are not they will become much bigger problems. You could end up having to defend yourself at the CCMA or the Labour Court if the employee feels you’ve done nothing to resolve his or her problem.

Resolve every grievance as soon as reasonably possible. What is reasonable will depend on the complexity of the issues, but make sure you address them all.

The first step to dealing with grievances is to construct a Grievance Policy and Procedure.

We can assist you the following:

Draft your grievance policy
Investigate grievances lodged by employees
Mediate to resolve grievances

Dismissals & Disciplinary Hearings

When dismissing an employee, the CCMA will look at the following aspects of the Dismissal. Was there an employment contract, as per law needs to be signed on the first day of commencing work. Does the company have policies, procedures, disciplinary code in place and was the employee aware of any of these rules or could have had access to it. When dismissing was the rule applied consistently and was that the only appropriate sanction. Refer to schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act.

Often what would otherwise be a justifiable dismissal is overturned because employers have failed to follow the correct procedures. We provide you with advice including, but not limited to, assisting in drawing up contract, disciplinary code, policies and procedures, ensuring that it’s properly implemented and that management is fully trained.

Before all that, did you conduct your Disciplinary Enquiry according to procedure?

Suspended employee if needed, allowing employee to prepare for the Disciplinary Hearing after investigation is concluded and Notice to attend issued, advising the employee of his/her rights, ensuring evidence is available to employee, independent chairperson. We are specialist in chairing disciplinary hearings and providing training to chairperson’s and to the initiator’s preparing for the disciplinary hearing.

Industrial Action, Retrenchment and Unions

Assisting in reducing the risk of industrial action and litigation following retrenchment and ensuring that all the necessary procedures are complied with as per the Labour Relations act. Section 189

Unions, both parties are governed by the same rules and regulations as set out in the Labour Relations Act. The question then arises, should we just sign the agreement or negotiate the agreement. When will a trade union be entitled to organisational rights, and what rights are they entitled to. We assist in full negotiations with any trade union in your industry

Poor Performance Management

The Labour Relations Act allows for a person after probation period to be placed on poor performance management if not performing, we supply a detailed step by step policy, documents and training on poor performance.

Training Courses For Personnel

One day training at R599 or two day training (follow up training the second day) at R999

Head Housekeepers
Reservations (convert the call)
Front of House
Breakfast only

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We can work together!

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