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Parsons Prokureurs/ Attorneys
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Parsons Prokureurs/ Attorneys

Parsons Prokureurs/ Attorneys
Parsons Prokureurs/ Attorneys
"Dedicated team of legal specialists"

Parsons Prokureurs/ Attorneys

Our dedicated team of legal specialists that are here to assist with any legal matters you may encounter as an individual or business.

We specialise in the following:

Labour Law

CCMA arbitration and Labour Court appearances;
Reviews of CCMA arbitration awards; and
Drafting employment contracts, HR policies and legal procedure documents.


All aspects of Conveyancing - property development, mortgage bonds, standard transfer of property

Body Corporate Management

Administration of the body corporate finances i.e. monthly invoices, statements and debt collection;
Mediating disputes between property owners;
Ensuring compliance to legislative requirements of owners and the body corporate;
Scheduling planned and ad hoc building maintenance; and
Proper management of the body corporate to ensure levies are kept as low as possible for owners.

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