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Find Pretoria computers, software technology & IT service providers, and retailers in Pretoria. Read the latest articles on computer and information technology & the newest 'must have' gadgets.
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ShowMe Career Opportunities ShowMe Career Opportunities

Dreaming about your own business? We’re offering a unique partnership opportunity which would enable excellent candidates...

E-Commerce – The ShowMe Solution E-Commerce – The ShowMe Solution

Worldwide, online shopping will grow to more than R2 trillion by 2014. Last year the internet economy in South Africa was ...

Pretoria WiFi spots Pretoria WiFi spots

Looking for a place to go when you need to get work done, but are tired of sitting alone in your office ...

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SA prices from 2004 to 2014 SA prices from 2004 to 2014

Over the last ten years the price of ADSL and mobile data products plummeted, but the price of petrol, DStv and Big Macs ...

Great Stuff Great Stuff

Here's the newest gear you'll want to own.

Face the Music Face the Music

Chances are, you have more music than you'll ever listen to: Thousands of tracks (all legally obtained, of course) and days of ...

Wearables are white-hot at CES 2014. So they're doomed? Wearables are white-hot at CES 2014. So they're doomed?

A look back at past hot trends at the consumer electronics mega-event reveals an awful lot of mega-fails ...

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